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Author:  Minami Sachi

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5


Matsuri Takanose a first year high school student. Her mother is the chairman of that high school she attends to.  And Matsuri is under a lot of pressure to be a perfect a student.

One day after a grueling meeting in her mother’s office at school, Matsuri encounters two boys who treat her differently.However, Matsuri does not wish to be the next board chairman of the high school.In fact, her dream  proffession is to be a photograhper.

Takemas Andou who is a smart, quiet guy who is known for keeping to himself and not talking much. And Kaguya Watanuki,  is a very cute, outgoing, athletic guy.

He and Andou-kun are classmates, but they don’t appear to be friends. This is due to their different personalities.

One night when she was taking pictures, she stumbled across Andou-kun and Watanuki-kun. She discovers the hidden relationship between Wantanuki-kun, Andou-kun with her favourite idol, Mutsuki.

My Opinions: This is one funny story that you can’t miss. Its so cute!!