Summer Clean Up

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We will be doing some heavy maintenance on Users may expect certain services to be down during this clean up.

All services should be up and going smoothly by 5th Aug 2013.

We sincerely apologised for any inconvenience caused.



Pesky Bugs Resolved

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sesshomaruPhew! After a few days of terror, FINALLY all errors have been resolved and the old theme is now back online.

For manga updates however, Otaku Ayu is currently lazing away in Singapore and growing fatter each day for her holidays. In the mean time, all manga review updates will be done by me (hides away from the death glares).

See you later!

Otaku KinKin

Current Theme Design is Down

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OOPsie!! Once again just when I, Otaku Kinkin, thinks everything is going to be fine and perfect, something bad coughs up. This time, the theme design that MangaReview has used is currently giving ME a few problems.

Until I can solve this whole fiasco or perhaps get a new theme, please bear with us on the current plain web design.

I am doing my very best to resolve all the technical issues. Sayonara!!

Otaku KinKin

Upgrades & Maintanence

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We are currently going through some maintanence due to some faulty error. The site contents are still available for reading but the navigation… Uhh…

Hehehe… Until I spray out all of the irritating bugs, well… hehehe.. We regret any inconvenience caused.

And hopefully I can get all the missing pictures up.. Gomen ne!!

*Ducks and dashes from all the pitchforks and totmatoes* Ahhh!! Angry Fans…


Welcome Message

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Hi all! Welcome to Manga As we are new, we are still trying to get a few things up and running before we can officially call this site as fully functioning.

We will be updating all the animes and mangas we have read, our opions on them and some synopsis of the mangas. We will also add a small dictionary for Otaku Beginners who are clueless at some Japanese words that seem to pop out once in a while in this site or perhaps in a manga.

Until next time! Sayonara minna-san!