Vampire Knight

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Author: Hino Matsuri

Status: On Going

Rate: 4/5


Yuuki’s earliest memory is being saved from a scary vampire, who wanted to eat her, by another vampire named Kaname Kuran.

After ten years, Yuuki was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy. She and Zero Kiryuu are chosen to be the Guardians who maintain balance and safety between the Day class (humans) and the Night class (vampires). Though the humans and vampires seems to co-exist peacefully there are still some in the dark who are against with this.

Zero who hates the vampires for taking away his family and humanity, Yuuki who loves Kaname but is curious to her past and Kaname who is obviously attached to the mortal Yuuki and knows about her past, what will happen to those three? What will happen if Yuuki’s past is to be revealed? Will Zero be able to accept it? Will Yuuki be safe from it? Will Kaname save Yuuki from the dangers of her identity?

In this world where just one mistake of trusting the wrong person will bring you to destruction, will there be any place for innocent love? And who exactly can be trusted