Nemurenu Yoru No Monogatari

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Authors: Arai Kiyoko, Shimizu Masumi, Oobayashi Miyuki, Ono Eriko, Igarashi Kaoru, Komuro Eiko, Yagami Chitose, Mori Chikako, Kagari Junko

Status: Completed

Rate: 4/5

This is a shoujo horror anthology, containing 9 stories.

1) I Know Basketgore
After loving Shouhei ever since her second year of middle school, Natsumi finally gets to go out with him.But then she starts getting prank calls telling her to break up with him.

Then mysterious things start happening around her. Pots falling from windows, insects in her locker, glass shards in her towel. Are these just harmless pranks, or is someone truely out to get Natsumi?

2) Labyrinth Maze of Memories
“Forgive me!Don’t kill me” Those are the words Honjou Kumi continues to hear in her nightmares.

She lost all of her memories of the time before her accident, so she doesn’t understand why the students stare at her and whisper.Pranks are pulled on her left and right.What is it that she doesn’t remember?

3) Best Friend
Koyuki and Hiroyo are the best of friends.They’ve always chosen to be with each other.Hiroyo always listens to what Koyuki tells her to do, because she knows best.

So when Kinoshita says that he’s in love with Hiroyo, Koyuki doesn’t believe him.She says the only way she will believe him is to go to the lecture room at 5:55pm to see the bleeding holy mother statue.

Hiroyo tries to stop him, causing all three of them to see it.According to the rumor all the people who see the bleeding statue will all die.Things start happening, causing Hiroyo to be frightened.But only she is targeted.Could it be that Koyuki and Kinoshita are out to get her?