My Conclusion of Manga

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Forgive me if the following sounds awfully weird but it is MY conclusion

Manga is basically Japanese cartoon characters that are drawn to make a story. Most manga’s are based on School Life which involves Students from High School, Middle School and even Nursery.

Drawing a character consists of facial expressions, body movement and background.

The drawing of the face includes the eyebrows, eyes, nose and the lips. And don’t forget the hair. To me, the eyes and mouth control the emotion of the character. It focuses the expression. The eyebrow can only predict anger and happiness, or even emotionless.

I tried drawing an Anime character. However, it didn’ turned out the way I expected. Try drawing your most favoured Anime character… It won’t be easy..

The hair seems to be easy to draw, but do not be fooled. It is one of the most difficult to draw. Different sways of the hair expresses the different scene in the manga. The hair depends on the different sides of the face which has to be drawn differently from a different angle. Though it is important to look real and original.

The body is the part which I cannot master no matter how hard I try. It just ended up being a body of a stick-man. From the neck to the shoulders to the arms, fingers, body, legs and feet is just extraordinary how the artist can perfect it.

Here is my favourite part. The icons…
Surely you would realize by now that when the character is blur, for example, will have question marks “?” on top of his/her head.  Don’t they look cute!! ><

Overall… I envy Manga Artist and they have my respect because of the passion and hard work they put into their drawing for us readers to read and feedback on their work.

Good or bad feedback’s are easily accepted for they can improve further in their work. Not only in drawing, but in other things too must we learn to perfect as it is for the better of our future. And so that we can be a role model to the children.

And hopefully, everybody will have what they’ve wished for in their lives.

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