It’s Love

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Author: Pack Sang Eun

Status: Completed

Rate: 4/5

When the orphaned Sera was taken in by the Lady of the Choi household, her dreams of having a family were fulfilled.

However, Sera found herself rejected by the Lady’s three handsome sons, and it was made very clear to her that she was nothing more than an orphan who would would never become part of their family.

At 16, Sera still finds herself bullied by the three brothers, and soon it becomes evident that there is more than just her background that makes the boys reluctant to officially adopt her into the family.

Authors Opinion: This story is very sweet. They way every one of the brothers confessed are ADORABLE!!! I find the way the second brother wanted to confess was the cutest since he is “Mr Genius” and a guy who doesn’t like stupid girls. Hehe… ><… You need to read this it is cute!!! Kawaii!! that is all… Sayonara Otaku’s!

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