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Author: Kubo Tite

Status: On going

Rating: 5/5

Anime Availability: Yes


It revolves around a high school teenager named Kurosaki Ichigo. Unlike other normal teenagers, he is able to see and converse with ghosts. Unfortunately his peaceful life was disturbed by a Shinigami (Death God) that trespassed his into room. Curious and irritated, he had demanded her name and demanded her to get out of his room.

To cut the story short, Ichigo was thrown in the battle of the Shinigami and hollows no thanks to Rukia Kuchiki, who was the Shinigami that appeared in his bedroom. It was because of her transferring her powers to Ichigo, he became the only human that manage to transverse from the land of the living and the land of the dead, he became a substitute Shinigami.

Unfortunately his fight against the soul eating hollows will never end as a bigger enemy and more powerful opponents appeared, threatening the balance of the world that the Shinigami has struggled to maintain.

My opinions: This story rocks! I’m not kidding! For action and adventure loving manga readers, this manga is the one for you. Apart from great plot filled with suspense that gives you a great adrenaline rush, it is also filled with slots of comedy and friendship as the story reveals itself.

Should I also add that the men in the story are perfectly sculptured and yummy looking? Such perfect abs and delicious looking buttocks… hahaha

It’s a must read manga, for both boys and girls.

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