How to Draw Manga In Seconds!

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*Otaku KinKin doing a little jig dance*

Wee… It has been a very long time since we, the Otakus, have updated this website. *Dodges the pitch forks and burning torches* Mou!! It’s not my fault that Okatu Ayu is currently busy with her friends and totally forgetting her love for mangas.

I however have good news to share! I finally managed to get a good site that shows the step by step tutorial of Manga Drawings. Yes.. MANGA DRAWINGS!! Wee!! I’m happy since I can finally polish my very messy drawings into a professionally done manga. Well, provided I manage to get pass the drawing of the eyes…

Off to the site we go!!!

How to Draw Manga -- Manga University How to Draw- Tutorials_1260505721876

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