Pig Bride

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Author: Kook Hwa Huh, Su Jin Kim

Status: On going

Rate: 5/5!!!

Lost in the mountains on a trip to summer camp, eight-year-old Si-Joon fears he’ll never make it out alive. When a strange girl in a pig mask appears before him, he follows her to a house deep in the woods, where he is told that he must marry the pig-faced girl to atone for the sins of their ancestors.

Si-Joon’s not too keen on getting married, but that wedding feast looks so delicious! It’s only afterward that he realizes what he’s done and…wakes up. Now in high school, Si-Joon Lee has been dreaming about the pig bride for as long as he can remember. But it’s all just a dream, right?

Find out how this two forms their love amongst disaster and near-death experience…

A/N: It’s a very cute romance alright!! ITS SOOOOO CUTE! I recommend this to Everyone who wants to have a laugh! And also the feeling of LOVE~~~ hehehe!! <3

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