Oresama Teacher

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Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and head of her school  gang before her subsequent arrest got her expelled from high school. This is due to the “training” she got from her old neighbour , Saeki Takaomi.

Now that she’s transferred to a new high school, she’s determined to become an “ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student.” However, her dreams might be at risk because her homeroom teacher is her old neighbour Saeki Takaomi.

She was quite surprise to have found that Saeki Takaomi whom was the head of the delinquent gang in high school. It was him after all, that trained Mafuyu to knock out five people  without breaking a sweat ever since she was in middle school. Not only that, she was also train to run as fast as possible when Saeki Takaomi shouts “Go Mafuyu!”

But with a new friend like Hayasaka-kun who wants to conquer all delinquents in the school and gets himself injured easily, will Mafuyu sit back and let her new friend be harmed in front of her eyes?

She cherished her friendship with Hayasaka and fought off the other delinquent when he fainted. However, she was wearing a bunny mask to hide away her face.

Hayasaka found Mafuyu fainted when she tripped over the other bodies. Thinking that she really fainted, he brought her to the infirmary. He nagged about how weak she was and needs all the help she can get.

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