Magi- Labyrinth of Magic

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Magi Labyrinth of Magic

Rate: 10/10!!

I am in love with this manga! it obviously is full of adventure, action, comedy, drama, fantasy and shounen.

It’s about this young magician by the name of Aladdin. Yes, Aladdin. But not the Aladdin we know of who carries a magic lamp.

This Aladdin has a djinn trapped in his flute. But instead of coming like a normal genie in a lamp, this djinn as they call it, came out with a muscular body but with a missing head. How and what, you have to read to find out! *giggles*

All in all, read on how Aladdin became a powerful “magi” and with his chosen “king” by the name of Alibaba !

Ja ne!

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