Yurara no Tsuki

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Aurthur: Shiomi Chika

Status: Completed

Rating: 4/5


Tsukiwa Yurara wanted to live a normal life as a teenage girl. However, she was destined to a life she never hoped for. A life that involves ghost and spirits. She tries to avoid them as much as possible but luck was not on her side since her current school is filled with ghost.

Yurara could not do anything to help the ghost even though she could hear their feelings. On her second year in Tokyo Municipal Sankou High School, she was to be seated near the window. One of the student that used to sit there seven years ago committed suicide, due to being accused of stealing. Now a ghost who was a friend to the student occupied that seat and drove away any students that came close. Most of them were hospitalized.

That very night, Yurara came back to class to pick up some of her things that she had forgotten. Hoshino Yakou and Tendou Meiwa were attacked by the ghost that guarded Yurara’s seat.

Unfortunately for the ghost, Tendou Meiwa and Hoshino Yakou are no ordinary students. They themselves have very high spiritual powers. They managed to escape from the ghost when they bumped into Yurara.

At that time, they were in the classroom when the ghost attacked again. When Meiwa burned her, Yurara could hear the ghost speak. That was when Yurara transformed. The real reason why the ghost had always sat there was because, she wanted to tell everyone the boy who sat at Yurara’s seat did not steal anything.

Yurara helped the ghost and exorcist her forĀ  the first time in her life. Ever since then, her life was totally diffirent!! Yurara will transform to her other side whenever an evil spirit is near.

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