Akuma no Eros

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Author: Shinjo Mayu

Status: Complete

Rate: 5/5

Warning! The manga is NR 18, meaning only readers who are 18 and above can read this.

akuma no eros

Now this is one devil that I don’t mind falling in love and let him have his way with me. Wakakaka.. He’s just one yummy and hot hunky darling and I just don’t know why Miu was so intend to get that baby face looking friend of hers, Shion Amamiya, when she can just have that darling Devil, Kai.

This is my favourite manga and most obsessed about since it was first drawn by the delectable artist, Shinjo Mayu. Like all romance manga, it started off with our heroine, Miu Sakurai who is a student in a Catholic Convent School. She had a major crush on a boy, Shion Amamiya, in the same school for a long while and decided to pray to God for divine intervention to make him fall for her.

When that fails, she like all desperate for attention heroines did the stupidest thing and bought a book of magic and casted a love spell. Too bad for her, she should have studied the Dummies Guide For Spellcrafting. Instead of casting a love spell, she summoned the Devil himself instead.

Since the spell cannot be undone else its her life, the Devil had agreed to helped her make Shion notice her (she should have thought over her wish instead of hastily making them). In repayment, Devil would take her virginity. Wakakaka…

After a series of failed attempt to make Shion notice her, Devil finally had enough and impersonated as a human and changed everyone’s memory except Miu and made them think him as her brother and finally made Shion noticed Miu.

But will the Devil give Miu up after collecting his payment? Hehehe.. I’m not going to say anything more. If you want to read it, head out to Manga Fox and read the rest yourself.

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