Handsome Girlfriend

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handsome girlfren

Hagiwara Mio is a 14 year-old teen actor. She’s currently in love with her neighbor, teen actor, Morimoto Teruomi. She is given a role in a short drama, but is dissatisfied that her roles always involve being the bossy antagonist. She was cast as the rival of her friend, Sawagi Aya in the drama.

Excited at the fact that Teru is also in the drama, Mio accepts the job. On the first day of the shoot, Mio meets Kumagai Ichiya, who calls Mio a bad actress. With their first meeting getting off to such a bad start, a chain of problems for Mio began to pile up.

Hagiwara Mio is a young rising star in the celebrity world of Japan. She has always been in love with her neighbour, the handsome actor Morimoto Teruomi, who is the motivation for Mio to continue being an actress. However, Teruomi falls in love with Sawaki Aya instead, who’s the best friend of Mio as well as a popular singer. At the verge of a break-down, Mio was comforted by the genius director, Kumagai Ichiya. A heartbroken Mio slowly finds herself attracted to Ichiya in spite of herself, but why is Ichiya always keeping a distance between Mio and himself?

15 year old Mio Nagiwara has been an actress since she was a child, enjoys it, and considers it just “a matter of routine”. Then one day she meets a strange boy who gives her a frank, knowledgeable and not particularly flattering assessment of her skills. It turns out that her critic, Kumagai Ichiya, is an old acquaintance of Mio’s best friend, and an aspiring film director.

He introduces her to the concept of “Handsome Women”–those who are “cool, sophisticated and imposing”.Ichiya has been looking for just such a girl, and despite his earlier comments, thinks Mio might be just the one. As they work together, with Ichiya seemingly interested only in her potential as an actress, Mio can’t help thinking “I wish he’d notice me”…

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