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Right, before anything bad happens to Manga Review.info, we might as well post this up and hopefully avoid any necessary troubles with anyone.


MangaReview.info is a fan based website that served as a portal for quality reviews of each and every manga, anime and manga news that the members of MangaReview have stumbled upon. Using of  MangaReview.info website shows you are agreeing to the terms listed on this page. MangaReview.info reserves the right to make modifications to any of these policies at any time without notice to it’s visitor’s.

MangaReview.info is the sole owner of the original contents and images. Any uses of any of the articles and images found in MangaReview.info without our permission is considered plagiarism. Should we find any illegal use of any of our contents and images, we will ask the perpetrator to remove the content and images within 48hrs. Should you insist of being stubborn, we will take legal actions towards you.

However we will allow users to copy any of our articles after informing us by using a BLOCKQUOTE and ping backs to us.

All of the reviews and articles found in MangaReview.info are solely base on our perception and opinions. The artwork of each Manga is owned by the Author/ Artist stated in each Manga reviews. We do not own ANY of the mangas, standard disclaimers applied.


We do not accept nor tolerate any contents that contains pornographic images, child abuse, child pornography, hateful words that may create unrest in any racial community, country or whatsoever. We do not condone any activities that may also create terrorism. Should we find any users abusing this policy, we will not hesitate to notify the authorities.

We also do not tolerate spams. We will not hesitate to ban you from entering MangaReview.info should we find you spamming.

We also are not responsible for any damages faced by our users while browsing through our website.  Entering the MangaReview.info hereby makes you agree to our terms and conditions.

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