Manga Dictionary

Action: Well the word does explain it all doesn’t it? It usually involves the plot with a lot of fighting, car crashing and explosions depicted in pictures of course. This is not a movie where you watch the action scenes wheezed pass you.

Adventure: Oohh.. Mangas that falls in this category has most of the character head out to the world on an adventure where they would usually find themselves in a tough predicament like running away from the huge cuddly elongated wild bears and monsters. This is where my favourite manga usually sits in.

Comedy: Must I really have to explain this? Manga that falls in this category has the tendency to make you laugh until you burst your stomach. Humour? Laughter? Funny? Does that ring any bells…?

Ecchi: Perverted.. Muahaha!!! It is a little bit better and cleaner rating than Smut but it still has some sexual innuendos and higher rating pictures that is not safe for the viewers of 16 and below.

Fantasy: Ah.. this is another one of my favourite. Elves, monsters from out of this world, even the world the character is in is out of the world.

Martial Arts: Kung-fu, Karate, Ninjitsu, Tae-wondo, Silat.. all those things. A huge majority of the male directed manga is filled with martial arts influence. Even using the katana and the art of wielding the katana needs the knowledge of martial arts. You don’t just head out to your enemy with a kitchen knife and expect the enemy to fall down in terror. Fake hope, most probably the enemy will use the kitchen knife on you and most probably have you as dinner instead. *snickers*

Romance: It seems that 99% of the manga drawn are based with romance as their main topic. No romance, no sellouts. Oh well I happen to be one of the suckers also. Right, so it usually involves a heroine who always, ALWAYS act dumb and nonchalant when the main male character tries to win her heart. The obliviousness of the heroine always make me grit my teeth and the hero! Ugh! Why can’t he just be straight forward and tell it to our heroine’s face that he likes her? The more he waits, the more complicated the budding love gets.

Seinen: It targetted for adult male groups from 18-30+. Usually its a clean gruesome fighting, adventure and action filled manga. However there are also traces of sexual innuendo in them. Don’t worry we will inform readers should there be any explicit sex scenes in the mangas we reviewed to avoid young readers from reading them and having their brain cells totally damaged.

Shounen: Manga for the boys.. Yay! Action, adventure and lots of humour with a little shot of fighting. Manga like Bleach, Gensomaden Sayuki are examples of this category.

Shojo: Manga for girls! Usually it has a lot of sappy romance that teenager girls thirst for more. It also have a tendency to mingle the latest fashion sense with the manga as it pulls the readers into their world further. Oh yeah, the heros and guys in the manga is always drawn in a way that make them look drop dead hunky gorgeous, a candy that begs to be eaten.. Yum..yum..

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