Papillon – Hana to CHou

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Author: Ueda Miwa

Status: On going

Rate: 5/5

The story is about an ordinary (and rather unpopular) girl named Ageha who is constantly overshadowed by her popular and beautiful twin sister, Hana.

Because Ageha grew up in the countryside with their grandmother while Hana was raised by their parents, the two girls ended up with drastically different personalities.

For the most part, Ageha remains a silent and hidden student in the school, with only one friend (who isn’t all that nice either). In fact, nobody even really knows that she is Hana’s twin sister, because despite looking alike, there is still a large gap between the levels of their beauty and popularity.

When Hana finds out that Ageha has a crush on a cute boy named Ryuusei (who is actually Ageha’s childhood friend from the countryside), Hana becomes curious about their relationship.

However, after hearing that Ryuusei hates people like Hana, Hana becomes irritated and using her charming personality, actually manages to snag Ryuusei as her boyfriend!

Ageha is left with no one, but thanks to the strange new school counselor, and some unexpected allies, Ageha decides to do her best and take Ryuusei back.

My Conclusion of Manga

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Forgive me if the following sounds awfully weird but it is MY conclusion

Manga is basically Japanese cartoon characters that are drawn to make a story. Most manga’s are based on School Life which involves Students from High School, Middle School and even Nursery.

Drawing a character consists of facial expressions, body movement and background.

The drawing of the face includes the eyebrows, eyes, nose and the lips. And don’t forget the hair. To me, the eyes and mouth control the emotion of the character. It focuses the expression. The eyebrow can only predict anger and happiness, or even emotionless.

I tried drawing an Anime character. However, it didn’ turned out the way I expected. Try drawing your most favoured Anime character… It won’t be easy..

The hair seems to be easy to draw, but do not be fooled. It is one of the most difficult to draw. Different sways of the hair expresses the different scene in the manga. The hair depends on the different sides of the face which has to be drawn differently from a different angle. Though it is important to look real and original.

The body is the part which I cannot master no matter how hard I try. It just ended up being a body of a stick-man. From the neck to the shoulders to the arms, fingers, body, legs and feet is just extraordinary how the artist can perfect it.

Here is my favourite part. The icons…
Surely you would realize by now that when the character is blur, for example, will have question marks “?” on top of his/her head.  Don’t they look cute!! ><

Overall… I envy Manga Artist and they have my respect because of the passion and hard work they put into their drawing for us readers to read and feedback on their work.

Good or bad feedback’s are easily accepted for they can improve further in their work. Not only in drawing, but in other things too must we learn to perfect as it is for the better of our future. And so that we can be a role model to the children.

And hopefully, everybody will have what they’ve wished for in their lives.

Upgrades & Maintanence

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We are currently going through some maintanence due to some faulty error. The site contents are still available for reading but the navigation… Uhh…

Hehehe… Until I spray out all of the irritating bugs, well… hehehe.. We regret any inconvenience caused.

And hopefully I can get all the missing pictures up.. Gomen ne!!

*Ducks and dashes from all the pitchforks and totmatoes* Ahhh!! Angry Fans…


Saint Dragon Girl Miracle

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Author: Matsumoto Natsumi

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5

Anjuu Sendou is a nice girl who just started her first year in the Seiryuu Academy Middle School.

She is currently living away from home as a boarding student with her pet named Lime. Her father is a sorcerer and her mother is an expert in chinese kenpo.

They are both famous, especially her mother who is called Dragon Momoka. Because of her mother’s fame the executive committee wants Anjuu to join the student council.

But the council’s president thinks that she is a weak girl, so to prove him wrong she decides to catch the school thief. But when things get harder, she wishes to become stronger.

So her pet suddenly transforms into a small child with wings (it can’t transform into a dragon yet, because it’s only a child) and tells her about her power.

During a second assault from the thief, Anjuu, with the help of Lime, transforms into a new Saint Dragon Girl, defeating the enemies and becoming the school’s protector.

Will the student council’s members find out the true identity of the “warrior” girl? Will Anjuu be able to keep her secret?

Personal Opinions: This is one very intersting story that made me cry of laughter!! Trust me this is one manga you don’t want to miss!!

Baka to Tesuto to Shoukanjuu

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Author: Inoue Kenji

Status: On Going

Rate: 4/5

The protagonist is a guy who is among the stupidest of the stupidest in the school. In this school, your grades can, under the supervision of teachers, take a virtual form to do combat!

However, if you leave an examination half way, you get zero marks. A bright and cute girl, Mizuki Himeji, was having a high fever during the examination. Despite her potential to be the second highest scorer in the level, she obtained zero marks for having left due to her illness and is thus allocated to the worst class, class F.

Grades mean almost everything. For Class A, they have a smart-looking teacher, a plasma TV as big as the entire wall as their blackboard, personal laptops, personal air-cons, refrigerators, adjustable seats and all kinds of different appliances.

Within the refrigerator, there are all kinds of drinks and snacks. Their ceiling is made of glass, the wall lets them put up high-class drawings and plants.

As for Class F, the worst class… They have Japanese desks and seat paddings. Their blackboard is dirty and there is no chalk even! Someone complains that the legs of his desk are broken, so the teacher asks, “Didn’t we distribute some glue to stick wood together? Glue it back yourself later.”

Another one complains that wind is blowing in from the broken window. The teacher says, “I got it. I will apply for plastic bags and invisible glue to fix it later.” There are spider webs everywhere, not a patch of the wall is clean.

A unique moldy smell spreads across the entire room; it must be from the old tatamis used to tile the floor. This is the status of class F.

The protagonist feels displeased at such an arrangement, and seeks help from his friends to try to make a change through summoning war!! And they devise all kinds of plans to try to beat the famous class A, intending to get class A’s classroom and equipment if they win!!

Mahou Sensei Negima

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Author: Akamasu Ken

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5

Negi Springfield is a ten-year-old wizard from Wales, who dreams of becoming a Magister Magi (Approximate Latin translation: “Master Mage”), a special wizard who uses his powers to help normal people, using covers such as working for NGOs.

Negi’s reason for becoming a Magister Magi is to find his father, Nagi Springfield, the legendary mage also known as the “Thousand Master”, who is believed to be dead.

After graduating from the Merdiana Magic Academy in Wales, Negi is given a duty as a cover in the real world, and training, before he actually becomes a Magister Magi. That duty is to become an English teacher at Mahora Academy in Japan.

The task will not be easy, however, as Negi will become a teacher to a Middle School class of 31 older girls, each very special in her own way.

The series details his time and adventures in Japan as he gains acceptance and respect from his students, helps them in their problems, and faces magical threats from inside and outside Mahora Academy.

His main relationship is with Asuna Kagurazaka, his student and roommate, who dislikes him initially but later accepts him as a friend and becomes his partner, helping find clues about his father and his life.

La Corda D’Oro

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Author: Kure Yuki

Status: On Going

Rate: 4/5

Every few years, the prestigious Seiso Academy holds a prominent musical competition, and only the very best students at the Academy are allowed to participate. Though all are eligible to apply, only students from the music department actually make it to the competition…until now.

Hino Kahoko goes to this amazing school, though she is in the regular department and knows nearly nothing of music. That is until one day, when she meets a curious little creature who introduces himself as a music fairy by the name of Lili.

This fairy gives the unwilling Kahoko a magical violin, which any one can play. That day, the names of the students who are to participate in the music competition are announced – and Kahoko’s on the list! Suddenly Kahoko is thrown into a world of music, where every note counts, where she must strive to be perfect.

And then there are the other competitors, a timid girl and five handsome, musical young men who are all effected by Kahoko’s music in very different ways. One thing’s for sure – Seiso Academy will never be the same.

Ichiban Ushiro

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Author: Mizuki Shoutarou

Status: On Going

Rate: 3/5

“30th AD century, in a world that magic exists naturally, 100 years pasts since a great war between human races and the devil king. the war concluded by the human race’s victory though it made many sacrifices, and slowly but surely the civilizations are also developing once again.

One time, one witch walks down into a small town holding a newborn baby in her arms, she stopped in front of a church, put the baby in front of their door then disappeared. After that, ten years past, the baby took by the church was named “Akuto”, and eventhough he was raised in the orphanage he put the people in awe and perplexity with his preaching about love of mankind and equality like a man of virtue.

Later Akuto decided he want to live in modesty so as not to trouble others, and before long a family offer themself to adopt him.
However, on the day Akuto left the orphanage, a new girl was brought as a new family on the orphanage. The girl cant stop crying because of loneliness, making the adults around her in trouble. Akuto saw all that and he decided to bring all his money given by the orphanage for his future living expenses and bought a hair ornament with a jewel on it.

He handed it over to the girl to make her stop crying and promised they ll meet again someday if she stopped crying and take a good care of the ornament.

Five years later, Akuto passed the test to enter Constantin Magic High School, and left his foster father’s home. He made a new friend on his way to the school in a bus, and he arrived at the school. then he underwent the vocational aptitude test, a test which is one of the school’s rules to determine one student future occupation.

“Examination Numbers: Number 021 , Name: Sai Akuto. Future Occupation: the Devil King”…

3.3.7 Byooshi

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Author: Kubo Mitsuro

Status: On Going

Rate: 2/5

By all the usual measures, he could be considered a pretty useless guy: a scholastic failure, an athletic disaster, and a chronic loser…but Fukuda Shinichi has one passion: cheering for others!

The 18-year-old captain of North Kanto Southern High’s Cheerleading squad decides to make the most of his summer by attending cram school in Tokyo, only to find out that the whole trip was a sham! Things are looking up when he and his friend meet up with two cute Tokyo girls

Too bad the girls brought them to a rip-off bar and took off! Ditched by his one remaining friend and stuck with an impossibly high bar bill, Fuku-kun’s life couldn’t get any worse!

My Barbaric Girlfriend

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Author: Morinaga Ai

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5

my barbaric gf

Rude girl and effeminate boy switch bodies and find that it might be a better fit for both of them.When her mad scientist grandfather accidentally switches their bodies.

Nanako Momoi is the belle of high school… as long as she stays quiet. Once she shows her true self, guys’ dreams are shattered for she is a true tomboy. Akira Uehara has the looks and brains, but, unfortunately, his personality is so dull it overcasts a shadow, and nobody notices him.

Akira Uehara is mortified when his best buddy starts hitting on “him,” and is embarrassed to look at “himself” in the mirror in Nanako’s underwear! He can’t wait to get back to being a boy. But Nanako Momoi has other ideas–she is starting to enjoy life in Akira’s body!