Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn


Author: Amano Akira
Artist   : Amano Akira

Status: Ongoing

Rating: 10/10 (THUMBS UP)

Tsunayoshi Sawada, or No-Good Tsuna, fails at almost everything- ball sports, tests, quizzes, even crushes.

One day  he gets himself a home tutor by his mum. This is where Tsuna’s life begins to take a different course. His home tutor is Reborn, an infant hitman from the Mafia from Italy who uses spartan ways of teaching Tsuna various things. Which I find very amusing hehe..

Later told by Reborn that Tsuna is the 10th Generation heir of the strongest Mafia family in Italy, the Vongola Family. You can imagine the poor boy’s inner conflict now. He must now find the rightful Guardians, defeat the enemies while coping up with school, seeing his crush and surviving Reborn’s deadly teaching methods and bullets.

This is an entertaining and laughable manga/anime. Even though Reborn has told him that he and his Guardians are a Mafia family, Tsuna insisted that they are his friends.

Having to go through all this trials brought them closer to one another. Even to the future…

A/N: I am very fond of this manga because it is 1) very cute, 2) its funny, 3) it shows the bond between friends are like none other when you earn their trust
Have some time to read this very long, yet very intriguing manga. Or better still watch the anime ^_^
Have a nice time reading !!!!

-Otaku Ayu


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Author: Futada Moare

Status: On going

Rate: 1/5

Ishidou Natsuo is a gifted girl who can achieve anything she wants in sports. Because of this she is permanently bored, as there aren’t any real challenges to her abilites to make her feel alive.

One day she receives an invitation of a merry girl to join her martial arts club. Irritated by her happy expression, Natsuo decides to accept the invitation just as a pretext to beat her up, but she receives a shocking surprise.

School Rumble

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Author: Kobayashi Jin

Status: Completed

Rate: 4/10

She…is a second-year high school student with a single all-consuming question: Will the boy she likes ever really notice her?

Change 123

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Author: Sakaguchi Iku

Artist: Iwasawa Chiuri

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5!!! WOO  ME LIKE 😉

Change 123 is about Motoko Gettou, a not-so-average teenage girl. Orphaned at an early age after the death of her mother, she was taken in by her “three fathers”. Each a master of a different style of martial arts or combat-training. Under the care of each parent, Motoko was subjected to excessively rigorous training.

The physical and mental strain that Motoko, through the rigorous training, developed three split-personalities, known as the HiFuMi. Also known as 123. Consisting of a hard-headed Hibiki, quick and agile Fujiko, and cute and immature Mikiri, each individually skilled in combat skills learned from each father.

One day, a man begins to harass a terrified Motoko, now in high school, as he catches her alone down an alleyway. Her classmate, Teruharu Kosukegawa, tries to help Motoko even after walking away only to have thought of his favourite anime character’s sense of justice to help the people in need even if one is weak, only in time to watch as an infuriated Hibiki kicks the harassing man directly across his path straight into a car. (A/N: I seriously say that guy deserves it! GO WOMEN POWER!!! XD)

Returning to herself, a shocked Motoko promises Kosukegawa she will do anything if he doesn’t tell her secret…….

A/N: Wanna know more?? GO READ YOUSELF!! XD! I gave out most of the details…. so the rest, with your efforts, find out yourself my dear fellow readers!!!!!!

Ore-sama Ouji

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Author: Aikawa Saki

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5

Sawa hates Judo. She was once really good at it, but boys always rejected her because she was so strong.

Now she’s entering high school and the gorgeous captain of the Judo club has selected Sawa (against her will) to be the club manager!

He also claims he knows her from the past… How will Sawa deal with managing the sport she hates most, especially since the captain seems to like her!?

Saint Dragon Girl Miracle

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Author: Matsumoto Natsumi

Status: On Going

Rate: 5/5

Anjuu Sendou is a nice girl who just started her first year in the Seiryuu Academy Middle School.

She is currently living away from home as a boarding student with her pet named Lime. Her father is a sorcerer and her mother is an expert in chinese kenpo.

They are both famous, especially her mother who is called Dragon Momoka. Because of her mother’s fame the executive committee wants Anjuu to join the student council.

But the council’s president thinks that she is a weak girl, so to prove him wrong she decides to catch the school thief. But when things get harder, she wishes to become stronger.

So her pet suddenly transforms into a small child with wings (it can’t transform into a dragon yet, because it’s only a child) and tells her about her power.

During a second assault from the thief, Anjuu, with the help of Lime, transforms into a new Saint Dragon Girl, defeating the enemies and becoming the school’s protector.

Will the student council’s members find out the true identity of the “warrior” girl? Will Anjuu be able to keep her secret?

Personal Opinions: This is one very intersting story that made me cry of laughter!! Trust me this is one manga you don’t want to miss!!


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Author: Nakamaru Yousuke

Status: On Going

Rate: 3/5

“Middle Edo Period — One state becomes the gathering place for sinful martial artists, who believe in nothing other than power, know of no other way of life other than letting oneself go wild in the battle. That state is the Unabara State, the “Haunt of Demons” . . .”

Washitzu Naosata, the ruler of the powerful state, Unabara, is looking for his successor. He calls upons all his 31 sons, and tell them to search for whoever they believe to be the strongest martial artist of all. Each of their chosen martial artists then are to fight against each other until only one is left standing.

Whoever is the winner, whoever has the strongest martial artist in nation by his side will become his successor . . .

Out in the midst of the mountain is the doujo of the “Daigame Ryuu” (Giant Tortoise Style). There lives Kurogane Gama, the son of the legendary swordsman, Kurogane Jinsuke, who is believed to be able to kill 1000 martial artists in Unabara.

There, one of the son of Washitzu Naosata, Washitzu Naoshi, comes in search of the legendary swordsman, only to find that he had gone missing several years ago. After seeing the battle style of Gama, he instead chooses to ask Gama to come with him. Wanting to become stronger, Gama agrees to his offer, and that marks the beginning of Gama’s battle to become the strongest of all . . .


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Author: Kishiro Yukito

Status: On Going

Rate: 4/5


Last Order begins when Alita is resurrected by Desty Nova’s nanotechnology in the floating city of Tiphares. The city’s dark secrets are brutally exposed, but it turns out to be a small part of a complex world. Going into space with new and old companions alike, to look for her lost friend Lou Collins and to find out more about her forgotten past.

Alita is caught up in an interplanetary struggle between the major powers of the colonized solar system. Along the way, she forms an alliance with three of the Alita Replicas who have now begun to think for themselves, an unsavory superhacker, and Nova himself when she enters the Zenith of Things Tournament (Z.O.T.T.), a fighting competition held every ten years.

During the course of the story, more background about the setting of Battle Angel Alita that was not disclosed in the prior series is revealed, such as how the Earth emerged from a cataclysmic impact winter that wiped out most of the population.

Oresama Teacher

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Author:  Tsubaki Izumi

Status: On going

Rate: 4/5


Kurosaki Mafuyu was a juvenile delinquent and head of her school  gang before her subsequent arrest got her expelled from high school. This is due to the “training” she got from her old neighbour , Saeki Takaomi.

Now that she’s transferred to a new high school, she’s determined to become an “ultra-shiny, super feminine high school student.” However, her dreams might be at risk because her homeroom teacher is her old neighbour Saeki Takaomi.

She was quite surprise to have found that Saeki Takaomi whom was the head of the delinquent gang in high school. It was him after all, that trained Mafuyu to knock out five people  without breaking a sweat ever since she was in middle school. Not only that, she was also train to run as fast as possible when Saeki Takaomi shouts “Go Mafuyu!”

But with a new friend like Hayasaka-kun who wants to conquer all delinquents in the school and gets himself injured easily, will Mafuyu sit back and let her new friend be harmed in front of her eyes?

She cherished her friendship with Hayasaka and fought off the other delinquent when he fainted. However, she was wearing a bunny mask to hide away her face.

Hayasaka found Mafuyu fainted when she tripped over the other bodies. Thinking that she really fainted, he brought her to the infirmary. He nagged about how weak she was and needs all the help she can get.


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Author: Kubo Tite

Status: On going

Rating: 5/5

Anime Availability: Yes


It revolves around a high school teenager named Kurosaki Ichigo. Unlike other normal teenagers, he is able to see and converse with ghosts. Unfortunately his peaceful life was disturbed by a Shinigami (Death God) that trespassed his into room. Curious and irritated, he had demanded her name and demanded her to get out of his room.

To cut the story short, Ichigo was thrown in the battle of the Shinigami and hollows no thanks to Rukia Kuchiki, who was the Shinigami that appeared in his bedroom. It was because of her transferring her powers to Ichigo, he became the only human that manage to transverse from the land of the living and the land of the dead, he became a substitute Shinigami.

Unfortunately his fight against the soul eating hollows will never end as a bigger enemy and more powerful opponents appeared, threatening the balance of the world that the Shinigami has struggled to maintain.

My opinions: This story rocks! I’m not kidding! For action and adventure loving manga readers, this manga is the one for you. Apart from great plot filled with suspense that gives you a great adrenaline rush, it is also filled with slots of comedy and friendship as the story reveals itself.

Should I also add that the men in the story are perfectly sculptured and yummy looking? Such perfect abs and delicious looking buttocks… hahaha

It’s a must read manga, for both boys and girls.