Hana to Akuma

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AuthorĀ  Oto Hisamu

Status: Completed

Rate 3/5


This story is about a demon named Vivi that ran away from the demon world with his subordinate, Tony, 15 years ago. 15 years ago, he picked up an abandoned female baby that was left in front of Vivi’s mansion.

When he brought her in, everyone was surprised to see a human baby in the mansion. Furthermore, in Vivi-sama’s arms. When the baby smiled, it was so beautiful like a smile of a flower.

That was when Vivi decided to name her Hana(flower) and to raise her.

14 years has past and now Hana is a teenager. She brings flowers to Vivi everyday without fail. Even though she knows that a flower will wither when a demon touches it. During Vivi’s stay on Earth, he will have to go through alot of obstacles since the King of the Demon World, Lucifer, wants him back.

This is because he is one of the candidates of being the next King. However, he had already promised Hana that he will stay with her forever and ever. Little by little Hana realizes her feelings towards Vivi. But will she be able to be with her forever like he promised?

A/N: No matter how much I hate to admit this,Hana to Akuma has finally ended and completed! I must say, it has come to a sad though lovely ending… He married her in the end, though the rest you lovely readers must see to it yourself (: ENJOY! <3<3